Llanera Harp Workshop

Through his experience as a harpist and composer, Nicolas Castaneda offers a deeply study of the llanera harp; its styles, techniques and repertoire.

In addtition to this, Castaneda implements on his workshops:

  • the study of improvisation applied to any harp.
  • exploration of differents harmonic / melodic techniques from jazz to the harp.
  • Bass independence and reharmonization techniques on any kind of harp.

  Previous Workshop & participations:

III Encuentro Internacional Maestros del Arpa 2016.

Academic Workshops

Nicolas Castaneda offers workshops of Colombian & Latin American Music; starting from the traditional folk  structures to the contemporary application of Jazz and compositional techniques on the traditional Colombian & Latin American Music. Over his workshops, you would find some of these thematics:

  • Understanding of traditional Latin Folk American music foundations.
  • Harmonic / Melodic form studies of latin American Music.
  • Reharmonization Techniques on Latin American / Colombian music.
  • Advance Jazz Studies: Modal Jazz, Arranging, Orchetration, Jazz Composition, Big Band Scoring, Reharmonization techniques, Jazz Harmony.

Previuos Workshops:

” Con Sabor Colombiano ” Exploring the music of Colombia with Nicolas Castaneda